Privacy Policy

What tools do we use?

  • Matomo is a tool which allows us to collect and analyze information on our website, the interactions with our content, and how all this content performs, to improve the content we provide you with. Additionally, we use Matomo to figure out which of our content does best in our newsletters and who visits our website from there.
  • Facebook Pixel lets us measure the reach of our publications on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn Insight allows us to measure the reach of our publications on LinkedIn.
  • Twitter Analytics help us measure the impressions and interactions with our tweets.
  • Instagram Analytics help us measure the impressions and interactions with our posts.
  • We use Mailchimp reports to figure out whether the email bounced and if someone unsubscribed.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect various pieces of information on multiple systems.


On your first visit

Matomo anonymizes your IP address and omits your location, simply your behavior will be stored on your browser as different cookies. Like this, we keep your privacy safe.

  • The device used (model, operating system version)
  • The browser used (name, version, language)
  • Source website (referrer, medium)
  • Your IP address, which will be anonymized by Matomo before being stored (Find out more about Matomo's data anonymization)

Changing page

  • Information about the page being loaded (URL, page title, page type)
  • Time spent on the different webpages

Your page engagement

  • Links clicked on
  • Email addresses and telephone numbers clicked on
  • Forms submitted (simply that you clicked it)
  • Which internal page you viewed before and which you viewed after


After subscribing to the newsletter by registering for a membership, you will receive an email confirming your membership.

When you open the newsletter, a small embedded pixel will establish a connection with the server. This collects technical information such as the browser and system version used, your IP address, and time of access. From a technical perspective, this information can be assigned to individual recipients. However, we have no interest in monitoring individual users. We analyze the information anonymously to identify reading habits and optimize our newsletter.

What do we do with the information collected?


We use this information to assess the visibility of our content and understand the behavior of users as a whole.

Who has access to this information?

This information is only available to Nothing employees and to the companies providing the relevant analysis and data collection tools.

How we'll store your information


We regularly delete old visitor data to our website and only keep the overall trends that cannot be linked to a specific user.

How do you deactivate data monitoring and collection?


You can deactivate data monitoring and collection at any time by clicking on the iframe link. Like this, the identifier contained in the cookie called “piwik_ignore” will be set. All visitors with a piwik_ignore cookie will not be tracked.

LinkedIn Insight

You can deactivate data monitoring and collection at any time by following the instructions on LinkedIn's cookie policy page.

How do you delete any information that may have been collected about you?


You can cancel your membership at any time to discontinue receiving a newsletter. There is a link to do so at the bottom of every newsletter. Any personal data associated with the newsletter subscription will only be deleted if you request us to delete your profile.

Updated on September 2022

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