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Testing the design of LEAVES

We brought new insights to the LEAVES project with the first round of design testing. Discover how our findings have outlined the next steps of the mental health service.

Release date
ICT, Mental Health
Innosuisse, AAL
«[LEAVES] needs an explicit hint that there is a button for the overview at the bottom, i.e. that "Overview" can be clicked on. Perhaps another graphic design would work to understand it; I only found out at the end…»
User-testing participant, female, 71
  • Facilitated and coordinated collaboration

    with parties in 3 countries

  • Processing abilities of the elderly

    as foundation of the design

  • Multipurpose

    Can be used as a self-help tool or as a complement to therapy

Need to test your design with real users?

Take a down-to-earth approach with testing and research, and see your product skyrocket later on.

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