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B2B / B2C marketplatform

Nothing alongside Bio Suisse set out to improve the offering, search and selling of products for both bio farmers and consumers with the market platform Biomondo.

Bio Suisse
Release date
Project impact
1000 Users
Bio Suisse, Substring
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Angela is browsing the Biomondo platform on her laptop.
A computer and phone screen both showing the Biomondo marketplace.
«Nothing is the ideal sparring partner for transforming complex processes and requirements into a user-friendly interface.»
Oliver Gaede, IT project lead
  • B2B

    directly from farm to farm

  • 85% of test users

    found the platform helpful and easy to use

  • 1000 farmers

    using the product

Let's grow your business

Hi, I am Alex and I have lead Bio Suisse in this project. If you want to know more about this product or want to brainstorm ideas, get in touch!

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