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The Language of Innovation

Conversations in our corporate world are stuck in the industrial age. In a language that reflects command-and-control principles. What if we spoke a different language?

Speaker Bastiaan on stage
Speaker Bastiaan on stage.
Speaker Bastiaan explains how George Orwell’s 1984 “Doublethink” can be used to explain the statement “War is business”.
Photo of a group of hippies.
Hippie culture was coined by the belief that love can overcome any obstacle.
Slide from Bastiaan's talk showing the performance engine and innovation organism divide.
Two highly contrasting languages: the performance engine and the innovation organism.
Bastiaan on stage.
Expressions such as “my battery is empty” show the need to transport human language into technology.

Let's speak about language

You wish to have a conversation how to make our communication more humane? Ask Bastiaan anything that is related to his talk.

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