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Reworking WOZ's online paper

What happens when accessibility is considered as a fixed part of the development and design process of a website? Discover the many advantages that arise from not having to tinker with existing design and code from our accessibility engineer’s work on a national weekly paper.

104'000 weekly readers
Our experts
WOZ Website
Person reading WOZ online paper on an iPad on top of a printed version of the paper.
GIF representing the faulty keyboard navigation on the WOZ website.
Keyboard-navigation does not follow a logical order on the old website.
An image depicting three different documents: the HTML prototype, the content with CSS layout, and the content after having added CSS aesthetics.
  • Including all types of readers

    and reaching a wider potential audience

  • Bringing content closer to readers

    through optimized browser readability

  • Filling mission of informing people

    and aligning to inclusivity goal

Accessibility one click away

You'd like to make your website or app accessible, but don't know where to start? Reach out to our accessibility and digital inclusion expert Josua and ask for a preliminary audit.

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