Feared and dreaded by their foes, loved and adored by their friends - these dauntless team members are truly space travellers without frontiers!

Bastiaan van Rooden (Spot), CEO

To beep or not to beep.

Very, very proud of my @NothingAgency team winning Silver in usability! #bosw
Stefan Pfister (Red), Head Of Design

Red’y for take-off!

Brainstorming in front of the it! #brainstorming #groupthinking #productdevelopment
Tobias Leugger (Vibes), Head Of Development

Good vibes aboard!

Hipster Food Blog, fuer einmal auf Deutsch:
Fabian Gander (Cyclodex), Software Engineer

On the road to taming code!

Neues von Nothing GmbH: Nothing Interactive gewinnt Silber in Usability an den Best of Swiss Web Awards 2014! - N...
Sascha Balkau (Hexagon), Senior Frontend Engineer

Compile or compute!

Lorenz Solothurnmann (Pulse), Head Of Operations

Go with the Pulse and let it flow!

Thx for your brilliant tapes @MumbaiScience! An absolute highlight (as always)! want finest electronic sounds? goto
Lara Portmann (Lang), Editor, Communication

Setting course for discourse!

3. Zwodder (n): “A drowsy and stupid state of body or mind.” Example: Without my morning coffee, I remain in a zwodder all day.
Marc Gruber (Rune), Frontend Designer & Engineer

Eat this laser beam, alien!

haha! eifch mau is coop ga ichoufe u gar kes portmone drbi ha #genious
Patrick Fiaux (Nodz), Software Engineer

Coffee beans? Code lines? What’s the difference?

Make an set of speakers bluetooth? Seems to be possible now!
Mike Fischer (Lithium), Frontend Designer & Engineer

Remit the signal!

this is valid css – transform: translateY(875px) rotateZ(90deg) translateY(437px) rotateX(45deg) – cool!
Alexandre Margot (Lex), Interaction Designer

Love the output, you’ll master the tool.

suis les JOs dans le train grâce à @GregBeaud (20min) qui est … déchainé :D :D #Sochi2014 #SochiFail

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On rare occasions, we condone the presence of warm-blooded terrestrials in our spacerocket for a limited period of time. We are not secretive with trainees and they can learn all the tricks of the trade that we apply in such varied domains as astronavigation, web-applications and preparing strong coffee. Take the drive