Image showing Spot and Red creating a persona.

Work with your clients by working with personas


Personas are simple and human: The perfect tool for clear discussions with our clients, so that we can create experiences together.

Personas help us set priorities in line with our client’s strategy

Personas encourage you to set your own wishes aside and take a different perspective. Here at Nothing Interactive, we use assumptive (or ad-hoc) personas in close collaboration with our clients. Discussing personas together is not only useful to define which users are to be prioritised for the future business idea, this process is also eye-opening for both parties, as the questions asked dig deep into the client’s core strategy.

The discussions with Martin and Susanne Schanz, the owners of Gourmetbox, allowed us to considerably simplify their product line by determining their main business goals. As a result, we were able to better prioritise the different challenges in line with our client’s strategy and thus create a website which is tailored to the defined target audience.

Joint discussions to identify user needs

Character traits are key when working with personas: To understand the behaviour of a persona Sue, we don’t need to know what she wanted for her birthday last year – we need to know her needs and habits: her personality. Knowing Sue’s character traits allows us to decide whether a task is emotionally difficult or easy for her so that we can optimise the situation accordingly.

When working with our client Kobler & Partner, organiser of mountain tours and expeditions, we intensely discussed the predominant character traits of their customers. Who would climb mountains like Everest or the Aconcagua, and how do they choose their adventures? The discussions sparked the development of the travel browser, a search function which allows users to define in a simple, natural sentence what kind of travel they are looking for.

Creating experiences with the client

For us, Personas are a tool to discuss ideas and share visions with our clients in a simple, understandable way. This leads to interesting discussion, and to fun anecdotes, such as when Kari Kobler, co-founder of Kobler & Partner, told us the most unbelievable stories about adventures on the highest mountain of planet Earth. Our clients understand the created personas so well that they sometimes even remind us that a defined experience doesn’t match a recent proposal we made in the project – we can use personas to work very closely with clients, so that we can create great experiences together.