Image showing crew member Lang and robot Mak using the VisecaOne app to confirm an online payment.

VisecaOne: A long term cooperation bears fruits


The latest version of the Viseca One App goes live on schedule. Once again, Nothing Interactive was responsible for the entire design and User Experience.

VisecaOne goes into the next round

The VisecaOne App has been simplifying online payments for more that a year. With the app, credit card payments can easily be verified and signed off via smart phone. Now, the payment app is going into the next round. Closely collaborating with Viseca and software partner Netcetera, we worked towards this big moment: the second release of the VisecaOne app. Once more, Nothing Interactive took responsibility for design and User Experience.

Personal, direct access to your own finances

Over 400’000 people are currently using the VisecaOne App. Needless to say, our goal for the new version was to make the app even easier to use. We closely evaluated the application from a customer’s perspective, validating our assumptions with intensive user testings. For instance, all credit card transactions can now be viewed in realtime. And thanks to precisely personizable push notifications, transactions and finances become more personal than ever.

Image showing the VisecaOne App in action on an iPhone. The transaction screen offers a realtime overview of your latest transactions. On the confirmation screen, you can confirm payments safely and swiftly. And in the notification settings, you can specify personally what kind of push notifications you would like to receive, for instance only about transactions higher than 500 Francs.
VisecaOne: Real-time transactions, payment confirmations and personalised push-notifications.

Sustainable digital product development

The innovative vision of VisecaOne asks for a modular, iterative path. With the latest VisecaOne release, we’ve covered another leg on this journey. In the meantime, we are eagerly awaiting the results of VisecaOne at the best of Swiss Apps Awards. The app is competing in the categories Functionality, User Experience, Usability, Business and Innovation. Cross your fingers, and have a look at the new VisecaOne app on Android or iOS!