Image showing the "Tickets" app of BLT in action.

"Tickets" from Baselland Transport: intuitive purchase of mobile tickets


Mobile tickets in just two clicks: the new ticket app of Baselland Transport (BLT).

Buying tickets easily and reliably on a smartphone

Need to buy a ticket on the go? The new “Tickets” app of BLT offers a convenient, fast and straightforward solution for buying mobile tickets. The application was developed in collaboration between BLT, Netcetera and Nothing Interactive. We created the visual appearance and the interaction design of the application, ensuring that it offers a smooth and intuitive experience.

The “Tickets” app enables customers to purchase individual tickets and day passes for Switzerland’s northwestern tariff authority network (Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz) quickly, easily and reliably. Just two clicks to the desired ticket is the aim.

Clarity, simplicity and easy access

The design of the app has intentionally been kept simple to make access easy, especially for passengers who are not computer whizzes. The well organized, clear app design supports intuitive navigation. All processes are automated as much as possible, including localization, price calculation and language selection (German, French or English).

The “ticket preference” function allows users to define their desired profile (full fare, half fare, first class, second class). Optional features include sending a receipt to a user-defined e-mail address and activation of a password for purchase confirmation (for child safety). The functional scope of the app has intentionally been limited to a core set to ensure clarity and simplicity. The highest priority right now is the market and customer acceptance, setting the pace for the further development of the product.

A collaboration between BLT, Netcetera and Nothing Interactive

The app was conceptualized by BLT and is part of the Wemlin public transport information system from the Swiss software company Netcetera. For “Tickets”, Netcetera acted as prime contractor and was responsible for the technical implementation in collaboration with User Experience specialist Nothing Interactive, responsible for the visual appearance and the interaction design.

The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.