A phone showing the portal, while someone is writing down the next event in their agenda.

Swisscom Zoon: Small event portal going big


As a long-term sparring partner, we’ve helped Swisscom take Zoon from an internal event portal to a successful white-label product.

Since 2014 we have been working with Swisscom on their event portal called Zoon. Originally built as an internal platform to connect Swisscom’s employees, the portal has come a long way since: As a corporate event management software, Zoon is now used by over 24’000 active users – and has made it from internal project to self-sustained product.

A word from our client

Gabriela Patil, product owner at Swisscom, about our collaboration:

Nothing has always been a reliable and competent partner in the further development of Zoon Enterprise Community.

A glimpse at the project

A screenshot of the event portal on desktop and mobile

From personal to white label product

What started out as an internal platform that aimed to connect Swisscom’s employees soon turned out to be a top-selling opportunity. Other companies approached Swisscom, and we were able to help our client shape the internal platform into a business opportunity: A modular white-label product that can be used to organise all sorts of events—from small employee events to internal conferences and sponsoring engagements.

Customisation made quick and easy

We tailored the first version of the event management platform specifically to Swisscom’s needs. As Zoon evolved into a white label product, new needs arose. Swisscom needed an easy way to customise the visual appearance and functionalities for each of their clients. To make the product scale, we built a dedicated web app that allows Swisscom to easily configure Zoon for new clients.

Three illustrations that show the success of the portal: 23'000 active users, 2670 events and as a whole a successful white label product.

Bottom line: A successful product

Zoon has come to be a successful white label product. What started out as internal platform proved to meet a real market need. To date, there are 23’000 active users per year and Zoon is used by companies such as SBB or Teleclub Sport—next to, of course, Swisscom themselves.

Our contribution to the project

  • Business ideation and strategical counselling
  • Research and customer needs analysis with end users
  • UX and design implementation
  • Accessible frontend implementation

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