Image showing the VisecaOne app in use on an Apple Watch.

Swift, human and secure: the new payment app VisecaOne


Simple and secure online payments—Nothing Interactive was responsible for the design of the new VisecaOne app.

Payment with personal confirmation

How can we make online payments simpler, more human and on top of that more secure? That’s where the VisecaOne app comes in: With VisecaOne, transactions simply need to be confirmed on a mobile phone or a smart watch. In collaboration with software developer Netcetera, Nothing Interactive took responsibility for the entire design of the app.

After a one-time, secure verification, you can bank on VisecaOne for trusting, 3D secure credit card and MasterPass payments. All you need is a smartphone or an Apple Watch and the answer, whether a transaction should or should not be made. Additionally, the logins for the VisecaOne web portal and the Viseca MasterPass Wallet can be approved through the VisecaOne app. Thus, customer data is held in highest security.

Good collaboration based on solid understanding

Working together with Viseca, we managed to get a deep understanding of the credit card and finance environment, which allowed us to create an ideal application. We could fully comprehend the needs of Viseca and implement them adequately. For the technical implementation, which was done by Netcetera, our established collaboration practice was once again of advantage. We documented our work in illustrative specifications and shared wikis and fostered direct, human exchange.

VisecaOne is but the beginning of our work with Viseca and Netcetera. We are happy to soon simplify financial technology even further and create an accessible, human path to finances. Stay tuned for more!