A teenager is doing homework. In front of her is a tablet with the homepage of Klett and Balmer.

A step-by-step approach to a new web presence: Our work with Klett und Balmer


As part of a longer-term project, we are helping the publisher Klett und Balmer redesign and interconnect the different parts of their web presence.

The essentials in a nutshell

  • A comprehensive project: The new web presence includes an online shop, the publisher’s website, a customer magazine, as well as profile management and access to online studying material.
  • Step-by-step implementation: We divided the comprehensive project into a number of subprojects that were realised successively.
  • Long-term collaboration: Our trust-based partnership with Klett und Balmer allows us to develop solutions that anticipate real, relevant problems.

The project

Klett und Balmer are one of the leading publishers of teaching materials in Switzerland. Since summer 2016, we have been collaborating with Klett und Balmer on revising and interconnecting the different parts of their web presence. Quite a comprehensive endeavour, as this ranges from company website with online shop to studying portal for students and teachers. The website has to live up to the expectations of quite different groups. It may be used both by a teacher who is ordering new material and by five graders who are using the studying portal for homework. Within this complex project, Nothing AG helped with strategic consulting, design and frontend realisation.

A collection of screens that shows the new online world of Klett: the homepage, the overview of teaching material, the shop, and the newsletter

Deep understanding of the product challenge

Based on interviews with teachers and employees of the customer service at Klett und Balmer, we were able to gain a deep understanding of the challenges of the different user groups. While working on the concept and design we also conducted several user testings. Thus, we for instance evaluated and refined the concept of Klett und Balmer’s “Login-Pässe®” with simple click prototypes, before fully developing them. Thanks to this, we were able to assure that this new concept reflected genuine user needs.

An overview of different parts of the login pass: the form for creating login passes, the overview for teachers, an example of a login pass for pupils, and the login form for pupils

Close collaboration with several parties

We have been collaborating closely with different departments of Klett und Balmer. The direct exchange and alignment with the various stakeholders from management, system administration, the editorial team, customer service, and the external backend partners H2G and Semabit proved to be indispensable for the successful realisation of this complex project.

Central was also that we divided the project into clearly defined, individual steps. Based on the needs of the user groups we defined four subprojects that we tackled step by step. The Login-Pässe® and the new website with online shop are already live—other, smaller parts will follow one by one. We look forward to it!

Do you have further questions about the project or our services in general? Get in touch with Manuel Zehnder (meta@nothing.ch).