A woman is using IWB's client portal in her living room.

A solid game plan: Strategy and design consulting for IWB’s client portal


We helped to make the strategy and the concept of IWB’s planned client portal more tangible.

In a nutshell

  • With this new online portal, IWB plans to cater to a variety of customers with differing needs.
  • Using a prototype, we helped IWB to envision the portal they need to build for their customers.
  • The design artefacts we created provide a solid foundation for the technical tender and the development of the portal in the long run.

The project

As part of a 5-year strategy, the public utility company IWB is remodelling its digital channels. This includes a new online portal for business clients that will act as an essential link between IWB and its customers. Clients will for instance be able to check the costs of their energy and water consumption or administer their bills and contracts.

One of the challenges of this endeavour is the heterogeneity of IWB’s clients. A portal that addresses their differing needs effectively and yet in a simple manner requires good planning. We helped IWB to do this by visualising the strategy and concept of this complex project with a prototype.

A word from IWB about our work

Karel Coric, Product Owner Digital Channels at IWB, comments on our collaboration:

Nothing AG did an excellent job creating a prototype that met the high expectations and they consistently adapted the functionality to the customer needs that were identified.

Design-driven strategy

With strategy and design consulting, we helped IWB to flesh out the goals and concept of the portal. This was not only central to the tendering of the project and its realisation, it also serves as a basis for the on-going internal communication and coordination at IWB.

Concretely, we conducted conceptual workshops with IWB and created various written and visual representations of the design to make the strategy of the portal tangible. Key piece of our work was a high fidelity prototype that quite literally made the decisions that we took visible.

Our work in detail

More precisely, we worked on the following strategic design artefacts with IWB:

  • User research and personas: Using interviews, we investigated how business customers interact with IWB. Based on these findings we created so-called personas: personifications of target groups that illustrate specific behaviours. Especially in complex projects, personas are strategically important, as they enable us to prioritise tasks and align stakeholder opinions.
  • OKRs: With the help of OKRs, short for “Objectives and Key Results”, we created concise long-term project goals. Such goals play a central role in measuring a project’s success, and allow us to achieve sustainable results.
  • Customer Journey Map: Customer Journey Maps illustrate how a customer interacts with a service or a product. We used this type of storytelling to discuss the needs of customers vis-à-vis the business objectives of IWB.
  • System analysis: Consecutively, we looked at the existing portal and evaluated how the vision that we had defined together could be implemented technically. Together with IWB we thus set the future direction of the portal.
  • Prototype and user testing: We recorded the strategy in the form of a clickable prototype that we tested with customers of IWB to validate the envisioned concept. The insights were directly incorporated in the prototype, which we thus optimised repeatedly within a short time. This prototype was handed over to the technical partners in the subsequent tendering.

All in all we were able to help IWB pin down a solid strategy that could serve as the foundation for the technical tendering and the further internal development of the project.

Do you have further questions about the project or our offering in general? Get in touch with Manuel Zehnder (meta@nothing.ch).