Image showing two robots and a woman who talk about the Quickline Cockpit.

Quickline Cockpit—a customer center for pragmatic communication


The new Quickline Cockpit allows you to be on top of your telephone and internet services in a second.

A handy customer centre: the new Quickline Cockpit

What’s my phone bill for this month? The Quickline Cockpit is Quicklines new, responsive customer centre which allows you to manage different services such as Digital TV, landline or internet connection easily. Nothing Interactive was responsible for interaction design, visual design and frontend engineering of the redesign and helped develop the information architecture to create a clean, logic overview.

Image showing the Quickline Cockpit on a smart phone.
The Quickline cockpit: quick, simple and pragmatic.

Simple and pragmatic

Pick your favourite TV channels on the go? Communicate a change of address from your desk at home? The Quickline Cockpit offers a quick, simple channel of communication between customer and provider. Together with Quickline we designed the clean-cut, pragmatic Cockpit. We developed an AngularJS web application which is connected to Quickline’s backend with more than 100 calls. Using an issue tracking system we could collaborate well with Quickline and solve problems transparently, so that everyone could understand the decisions. The new Quickline Cockpit is set up well maintainable for the longer term. We look forward to further working with Quickline!