Image showing a woman who uses the Spettacolo app to buy a cup of coffee at the train station.

Order, pay, pick up with the new Spettacolo app


Coffee and commuting just got easier—Nothing Interactive developed the frontend of the new Spettacolo app which lightens the day of commuters.

Simple order and quick pick up

You don’t have much time to change train but nevertheless want to enjoy a tasty cappuccino? No problem—just use the new Spettacolo app, which makes things more efficient for you and for the sales staff, so that both can save time. Together with backend partner Netcetera, we developed the attractive frontend of the first coffee ordering app of Switzerland. We helped with the requirement engineering, created the visual appearance and the interaction design of the app and developed the ReactJS-based frontend components.

The new Spettacolo app allows you to order and pay for your coffee while you’re still in the train. Since you can determine by the minute when you want pick up your beverage, you can enjoy your hot coffee without any waiting. Add a croissant to your coffee? From a sweet latte macchiato to a tasty foccachia, the app offers almost anything to lighten the day of commuters.

Seamless collaboration with backend partner Netcetera

Together with Netcetera as a backend partner, we could develop the frontend of the new Spettacolo app. The seamless collaboration between all parties involved was a decisive success factor. Thus, we worked directly in the repository of Netcetera and documented our progress straight away in their ticket issue system. The fact that our team was immediately available for Netcetera made the production highly efficient.

Nothing Interactive could deliver this interesting mandate on-time and on-budget, and bring in our expertise in design and frontend engineering at the best. Once more, the good collaboration with Netcetera lead to an excellent result. See for yourself: Download the Spettacolo app in the App store or the Google Play store and enjoy a hot coffee on the go—without any rush.