Image showing a TNW multi-trip ticket on a smart phone.

Multi-trip tickets on your smart phone with TNW Tickets


Do you buy your train tickets on the go with your smart phone? The TNW Tickets app now also offers easy and quick multi-trip tickets.

Round two of the successful application

The TNW Tickets app of BLT Baselland Transport AG is going into round two! A year ago, BLT Baselland Transport AG, Netcetera and Nothing Interactive created the successful application which allows you to buy your ticket in just two clicks. In the meantime, our design has spread across Switzerland: Passepartout (Luzern), TPF/Frimobil (Fribourg), BLS/Libero (Bern) and VBSG/Ostwind (St. Gallen) adopted our product design.

BLT, Netcetera and Nothing Interactive collaborated again for the second version, which brings major upgrades with regards to multi-trip tickets. The target audience is thrilled, calling TNW Tickets “the perfect app for local public transportation” which is now “thanks to the multi-trip tickets truly awesome.”

Simple, clear and familiar

We were once again responsible for the visual and interaction design of the application, and developed a simple, yet effective design for multi-trip tickets. We used the physical ticket, which is validated by stamping it at the ticket machine, as our guideline – the digital multi-trip ticket is validated in the same way, which makes the entire flow easy to understand and familiar. You can also hand the digital multi-trip ticket to someone else for the next use by transferring it to another device. So just like before, you could for instance share the ticket in your family.

TNW Tickets 2.0 marks another success in our collaboration with Netcetera. Responsible for the interaction design, we for instance provided animations of all screens to convey the final experience to the development team. Have a look at the app and decide for yourself! You can download the app for iOs or Android.

More on the topic

  • Did you know that TNW “Tickets” was the first public transport app in Switzerland which allowed you to buy a ticket with just two clicks? Read on for more information about the first version of the “Tickets” app.
  • At the end of 2014, the app then also won gold at the Best of Swiss App Awards: “Tickets” wins gold
  • And in 2016 we could once more collaborate with BLT, BVB and Netcetera to create the first digital public transport card of Switzerland: Find out how the U-Abo went mobile.