Image showing a man who uses the Medicine 2.0 app. As he does so, he imagines that a futuristic-looking medical robot is helping him.

Mobile healthcare: the new medicine 2.0 app of CSS Insurance


Healthcare on smart phone and tablet: the new medicine 2.0 app of CSS Insurance is out.

Medicine 2.0 shines in new splendour

What’s good against headaches? Where’s the closest drug store? No matter what the situation, the new medicine 2.0 app of CSS insurance offers help. Together with software developer Netcetera, we overhauled the application. Nothing Interactive was responsible for the visual appearance and the interaction design of the app.

The design of medicine 2.0 is simple and straight forward, enabling you to quickly find the necessary information. We made use of our prototyping application Proton, which allowed us to create clickable prototypes early on to demonstrate the app. Clear feedback and understanding allowed us to create a compelling, helpful application.

An app with many features

The medicine 2.0 app provides quick and useful solutions for a variety of situations. The new section about domestic remedies not only provides information about common remedies, but also offers the option of rating remedies, commenting on them or even sharing your own ones. Another useful function is the app’s personalizable reminder feature, where you can add your specific medication conveniently via a bar code scan. The application also contains information on different generics, a health encyclopaedia as well as the option to search for the closest apothecary.

Simultaneous rollout on iOS and Android

The new medicine 2.0 app is available for both tablets and smart phones. . The design was optimised for the different devices. We could launch the app simultaneously for Android and iOS—check it out in Apple’s App store or the Google play store!