Bild zeigt einen Robotervogel, der einen Rabattgutschein von einem Smartphone zu einem zweiten Smartphone bringt.

The k kiosk app—recognised with the NACS Retail Technology Award


A loyalty app with a little extra: The k kiosk app impresses customers and industry experts alike.

K kiosk app: a new take on loyalty cards

Bored of just collecting loyalty points? The k kiosk app offers more: You can, for instance, send your discounts to friends via a text message. For this, the k kiosk app has been recognised with the NACS Retail Technology Award. Nothing Interactive was substantially involved in the creation of the app. We not only took responsibility for interaction and visual design but also helped develop strategy and concept of the app.

A success in the eyes of consumers and experts

To be successful, retail apps need to offer additional value—and that’s what Valora’s k kiosk app does. It’s not just a digital loyalty card. With the app, you can send discounts and free vouchers to friends all over Switzerland. The highlight: If your friends do not use the app, they simply receive the voucher as an image, so you can surprise them nonetheless.

Only a few days after launch, the k kiosk app was already among the top ten downloads of free shopping apps. The experts of the European NACS Insight Convenience Summit were impressed as well. When awarding Valora the Retail Technology Award in summer 2017, they particularly highlighted the k kiosk app as an example of being “ahead of the curve with mobile technology in Europe.”