Image showing two robots who use the website of Kobler & Partner to prepare for an expedition.

Intuitive, efficient, precise: the new website of Kobler & Partner


The new website of Kobler & Partner offers ways to explore travels—or find precisely what your are looking for.

A longstanding partnership

Kobler & Partner organise alpine expeditions, mountain hikes, trekking trips and further travels. Above all, they are internationally renowned for their expeditions. They are regarded as one of the most experienced and most successful operators to the eightthousanders of this planet.

Nothing Interactive has been working with Kobler & Partner since 2011, when we first designed their web presence. After continuous maintenance and enhancements, it’s now time for something bigger: We designed and developed the new website of Kobler & Partner, which allows travellers to find the journey that suits them—intuitively, efficiently and with precision.

Intuitive understanding

Expedition reports, travel offers, travel equipment… The website offers a rich variety of content, which is easy to browse thanks to its sophisticated interconnection. Thanks to the clear structure of the website, visitors can find their what they need fast and intuitively—and switch from reading the travel programme at Cho Oyo directly to browsing the equipment needed for that expedition.

Efficient use

The new website offers different options to find your dream adventure. An interactive map on which all travel offers are marked invites to explore and discover. One of the map’s highlights is its usability, which won the website a silver award at the Best of Swiss Web Awards.

The desktop version offers an extensive map to zoom in and out. The entire navigation history is saved in the browser, so that you can always smoothly navigate back through the map. Since it is rather difficult to navigate in the same manner on a small screen, the mobile version offers another approach: a geographic navigation, which allows you to navigate by subsequently selecting continent, country and finally the destination.

Precise search

Another inspiring search option is the website’s travel browser, which allows you to specify in one simple sentence what you are looking for. In doing so, you can cross-reference category, continent, duration and starting date of a travel offer. Interested in how that works? Why not just give our travel browser a go…

More about the topic

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  • Silver for Usability: In 2014, we won a silver Best of Swiss Web award for the usability of the website of Kobler & Partner.