The tarmac at Geneva airport with Swiss and easyjet airplanes on a sunny day

An interactive sustainability report for Geneva Airport


We created an easy-to-read sustainability report that allows people to read what they want, how they want.

In a nutshell

  • We designed a sustainability report for Geneva Airport that offers multiple reading paths.
  • Through co-creation workshops with Geneva Airport and our partner Infoteam, we aligned content, design and technological perspectives.
  • As a result, the sustainability report is visually engaging, while taking into account complex technical requirements.

Enabling readers to flick through or fully dive in

When reading a brochure, you can flick through pages, skim through pages and–if something hooks you–pause and read it in its entirety. That is the type of experience we strove to recreate with the digital version of Geneva Airport’s sustainability report.

The report is divided into three main themes and these are then split up into three to five articles. For each of these articles there is a light “snack” version with a highlight that allows to get a taste of the full text. The different types of reading make the report easy to digest: Through our design, people are enabled to simply “snack content” or read the whole article, just as they please.

Chapter 1 of the Sustainability report, where you can read the highlight. Below an image of an airplane.
The navigation allows to snack the content lightly or to dive into a complete article.

Guiding co-creation

Three workshops held with our client Geneva Airport and our partner Infoteam helped us develop the initial concept for the report. Through this approach we were able to capture our client’s expectations while involving them in the creation phase. Together, we outlined the potential readers, the backbone of the content and the visual style of the report. Additionally, the workshops allowed us to achieve a high level of shared understanding between the various stakeholders. As a direct consequence, Geneva Airport was very satisfied with the final product and our overall collaboration.

A word from Ignace Jeannerat, vice head of communication at Geneva airport, on our collaboration:

It was a challenge to present the Geneva Airport Sustainability Report as well as the company’s Annual Report in a new, digital format. Very attentive to our expectations, Nothing knew how to interpret our desires, propose an original staging and manage the graphic and technical realisation of this beautiful project.

Following the workshops, we made sure that the design could easily be implemented by our technical partner Infoteam. We paid specific attention to designing so that technically complex features such as the interactive map and responsive design could be implemented with ease. Thanks to our facilitation, good communication between the different teams was assured and everything developed smoothly.

A laptop screen shows the interactive map of Geneva airport. The mobile screen shows the menu navigation through the articles.
The responsive design, which takes into account the aesthetics and functionality for both mobile and computer screens.

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