A close-up of someone using the barecode scanner to make an order in the new webshop of Bio Partner.

Headless Commerce for Bio Partner Schweiz AG


We are supporting Bio Partner Schweiz AG in the digital transformation of their business processes.

Digitalisation for Switzerland’s largest organic wholesale supplier

Bio Partner is Switzerland’s leading wholesale supplier of organic products. As such, Bio Partner has more than 3’500 customers in retail, catering and the processing industry. This makes smooth business processes indispensable. We’ve been supporting Bio Partner in the digital transformation and automation of these business processes. The new B2B web shop is part of this collaboration.

The online shop is aimed at several thousand store and restaurant managers throughout Switzerland. Their orders have to be processed smoothly and automatically to guarantee that, for instance, a restaurant receives the ingredients for their daily special on time. In other words, the shop has to seamlessly integrate into Bio Partner’s existing systems, so that the complex logistic processes at work are optimally supported.

A screenshot of the webshop on desktop and mobile

Flexible and customer-oriented

We implemented a strict separation of front- and backend (headless commerce) of the web shop. This allowed us to avoid cumbersome standard e-commerce products and to instead tailor the online shop exactly to Bio Partner, for example by adding a barcode scanning function.

The barcode scanning function allows store and restaurant owners to scan and order products with their own smartphones. Thus, Bio Partner can meet their customers exactly where their order process starts: in front of the shelves in their warehouse or store.

Successful launch

The first version of the web shop was launched in June 2020. In only two months, more than 800 business customers have already registered and over 3000 orders have been placed.

Three illustrations that show the success of the webshop: 800 customers in 2 months, over 3000 digital orders, and a complete ordering process that takes less than 5 minutes

The success in numbers…

  • Rapid adoption: 800 customers in 2 months
  • Smooth processing: over 3000 digital orders since launch
  • Fast, fully digital ordering in < 5 minutes thanks to a barcode scanner and personalised assortment

A word from our client

Ivo Fleischli, Sales Manager Retail and Gastronomy and Project Manager Webshop at Bio Partner, says about our collaboration:

Nothing AG understands not only our current environment but also the requirements that our future infrastructure will have. This knowledge and Nothing’s high level of customer orientation are the basis for the open and uncomplicated cooperation that we’ve experienced with them.

Our contribution to the project’s success

  • Strategic consulting and project management
  • User research and needs analysis of users, business and technology stakeholders
  • UX and design
  • Frontend development using Vue.js
  • Scalable backend implementation using Nest.js
  • Development, support and maintenance together with ProCloud AG

This B2B shop is an important step in the digitalisation and automation of Bio Partner’s business processes. Thanks to the scalable approach that we took, additional steps in expanding the digital transformation of Bio Partner are easy to line up. For instance, we also implemented Bio Partner’s extranet a few years ago, which we can now gradually integrate into the store. We are proud to continue working with Bio Partner.

If you’re looking for support for your next e-commerce adventure, Meta aka Manuel Zehnder (meta@nothing.ch) is happy to talk to you about our work in this project – and about how we can perhaps help you, too.