Image showing the website of Gourmetbox on a mobile device.

Gourmetbox: culinary experience meets User Experience


At Gourmetbox, culinary delight is always in the limelight – also on the company’s website, which Nothing Interactive realised in 2014.

Simple, inviting shopping experience on all devices

In successful collaboration, Nothing Interactive and Gourmetbox developed the new on- and offline experience of the company. The extensive product range is presented in a simple way, putting the focus on the culinary experience. The website offers a simple but attractive shopping experience – no matter whether you are ordering via smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Orders made to suit your taste

Thanks to the responsive web shop, you can order tomorrow’s candle light dinner while commuting to work. Even the flexible customisation options, such as choosing a vegetarian main course or adding a child’s menu, can be done within seconds on mobile devices. The products are linked to interesting background stories and informative articles, inviting you to stop for a minute and read the story behind the seasonal menu before seamlessly continuing with your order.

Valuable product presentation

Together with Gourmetbox, we studied the ideal experience of the user. We helped the company develop a clear identity and consolidate their product line to offer a simple, direct customer experience. The linkage of products with background articles offers an interesting, personal overview of the company, allowing Gourmetbox to present the corporate concepts in a clear manner and create trust.

From a technical perspective, modern open source technology, Drupal Commerce and AngularJS, allowed us to implement a good User Experience and offer a completely responsive, device-independent web shop: Who wouldn’t fancy those delicacies when browsing the website of Gourmetbox?