Image showing crew member Iadu and robot Fitts who use Swisscom's event platform to plan their next activity.

An event portal for Swisscom: simplifying choice without limiting it


Swimming, dancing or learning how to play the didgeridoo? The new platform of Swisscom makes organising different events simple.

Much on offer for the employees of Swisscom

With the Swisscom Games event, the leisure activity portal Move! and the volunteering programme Give & Grow, Swisscom offers its employees a range of internal activities. Nothing Interactive helped in developing a new event platform which makes finding the right activity simple and straightforward. Responsible for design and development of the interface, we ensured that the complex software is clear to understand and easy to use. The platform can also easily be adapted so that Swisscom can reuse it in many different contexts.

A user-friendly and flexible event platform

With more than 21000 employees, Swisscom is Switzerland’s largest telecom provider. Every other year, the Swisscom Games take place, a multi-day event where employees compete in different activities in the categories sport, movement and culture. On occasion of this year’s event, the complex booking and event management platform was rebuilt from scratch. Creating an inviting, intuitively comprehensible interface, Nothing Interactive made sure that the platform would be pleasant and engaging.

The new platform allows employees to make bookings very flexibly. With just a few clicks, you may book not only participation but at the same time travel and lodging for an event. Such additional services are seamlessly included in the flow, so that the complex options are presented in a clear manner. On top of that, the platform can be modified for further use cases with just a few adjustments.

Good production thanks to separating front- and backend

The event portal, based on AngularJS, is performant and optimised for a broad range of devices, both in terms of function and design. Nothing Interactive was responsible for the frontend while a third party took care of backend development. We could realise the project in an agile production process, with our team also being able to offer support in technical questions, for instance with regards to the interface architecture. This allowed us to optimally adjust our work to the progress of the project and create an engaging product which offers the employees of Swisscom simple access and easy registration.

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