Image shows the frontpage of the Swiss Funds Association SFA

A custom-tailored web presence for Swiss Funds Association SFA


The new website of SFA: A very modular Content Management System to fulfil the complex and diverse needs of our customer.

The project

Informing members and the public is a central task of the Swiss Funds Association SFA, and a clear, well user-friendly website is, of course, of great importance to achieve this goal. For this reason, the SFA contacted Nothing Interactive, with the request to completely overhaul their existing site.

A tailor-made solution

A preliminary analysis showed that the needs of the SFA were quite particular and required a solution specifically developed for this project. The new website is composed of a wide variety of different symbiotic elements: Content Management System, Document Management System, e-shop, closed-user group/ rights management, and an application to send out newsletters. Our customised application is able to provide this diversity of functions in an integrated solution.

Say it in boxes

Besides normal text and image contents, the site contains many documents and links. To accommodate these different types of content in a neat and organised way, we developed a box system. When new content is added, the redactor first selects whether a text box, a link box, or a document box should be generated. The boxes are also a response to the complexities of multilingualism. Each new box is automatically created in all languages. This is practical and useful for the administration, because it shows clearly which content is still missing in which language. The box system ensures a consistent, clean appearance on the website. Links and documents are always presented in the same way, and an icon shows if a conten element is a link or a document.

Dynamic content display

The new website exudes credibility, transparency and strength. We applied the corporate colours of SFA, red and white. The contents are presented dynamically in accordance with the user rights, i.e. logged-in members see other contents than visitors who are not logged in. From graphic design to administration section, everything was delivered by Nothing Interactive.

The challenge of migration

Importing the data from the old to the new site showed once more the complexity and size of the project. Thousands of documents and users were migrated. To reduce the manual work to checks and special cases only, we programmed a migration tool specifically for this purpose, so time and effort could be kept to a minimum.

A website, custom-tailored to the needs of SFA

From designing the visual appearance to creating a clearly structured content-display to facilitating the migration of the content, Nothing Interactive created a new, enhanced website for the SFA. The tailor-made Content Management System solution offers highest usability for the administration of the complex, multilingual contents of the site. The website is full of special features like a newsletter, a closed user group section and a document manager, seamlessly combined, leaving nothing to be wished for.