Image showing Cyclodex in action with Drupal

Constructing the rocket: the new website of Nothing Interactive


Since the beginning of 2013, the corporate website of Nothing Interactive shines in new splendour: It is now truly multilingual, fully responsive and provides an excellent User Experience.

A new website for our rocket

The new corporate website of Nothing Interactive reflects the philosophy of our rocket, provides insights into our works and presents our services in an apt and inviting way. Our aim was to divert from the classic portfolio website and put more emphasis on content. With both project and research articles, our website is geared to a broad audience, consisting of prospective clients and fellow developers alike.

A cutting-edge solution

To master the challenges of providing a user-friendly, highly interactive and top-notch solution, we chose to use the open source CMS Drupal. Instead of using static pages, Drupal allows us to create highly dynamic content. This can greatly improve the readers’ experience, as for instance related content can be displayed in the sidebar, guiding the users unobtrusively through the website. In line with this, we aimed to semantically connect all content. The website being bilingual, a further task consisted of making each and every single piece of text on the website available in both English and German. Finally, we aspired to deploying a fully responsive site, so as to make the website accessible from any device. Taking each aspect into account, we could create a cutting-edge and visually inviting website.

Entirely multilingual and responsive

Keeping abreast with the increasing importance of mobile devices, we wanted to provide a website with a fully responsive design. With a mobile (global), a fluid (tablet size), a normal (smaller desktop) and a wide size layout, our website offers a great experience for every device and display size. Additionally, the accessing device is detected and specific content displayed, limiting for instance the content sent to mobile users. Thus, the mobile performance is optimised and fast browsing guaranteed.

Furthermore, we put emphasis on making our new website thoroughly multilingual. Literally everything has to be available in both German and English: Not just the actual article text, but less obvious content material like image descriptions as well. We also worked hard to achieve the display of multilingual taxonomy terms and their references, so as to create a multilingual website in every sense.

Connecting content

With our new website, we put a strong focus on content. For this reason, semantically connecting all content was indispensable: This allows us to automatically display similar articles and thus guide visitors to related articles which might interest them. We also gave weight to making the content ready for other platforms such as Facebook and Google+, ensuring that the Open Graph protocol is supported.

Regarding the connection of content, adding referencing was essential. Our website features many references, and nearly every content type is linked to an other one. For instance, a quote is linked to the client employee it comes from, who is part of a company, which is linked in a project and so forth. The multiple connections between different content types create a new, thoroughly intertwined experience.

Outstanding outcome

The new corporate website of Nothing Interactive went live in January 2013. It compellingly presents and communicates our new User Experience service portfolio and convinces with cutting-edge design and technology. It is multilingual and responsive, even detecting the accessing device and choosing the correct layout. With our versatile articles consisting of project stories as well as research reports, the corporate website of Nothing Interactive directs itself both at prospective clients as well as fellow developers, engineers and designers.

Having watched our website prosper in the last months, we will not cease to work on constantly optimising and refining it, trying to achieve best results in every sense.