Bild zeigt die Online-Checkliste zur Biodiversität in Aktion auf einem Smartphone.

The biodiversity checklist of Bio Suisse as a responsive web form


Nothing Interactive implemented Bio Suisse’s catalogue of measures for the promotion of biodiversity as a fully responsive web form.

A simple way to calculate the biodiversity of your farm

Farms bestowed with the Bud quality label of Bio Suisse have to fulfil certain criteria to maintain the biodiversity of their land. Nothing Interactive overhauled the catalogue of measures for biodiversity and created a new, multilingual and responsive web form. The online form makes determining the biodiversity of a farm easier and more efficient. Furthermore, it offers additional expert information, fact sheets and instructions for applying biodiversity measurements.

A user-friendly, dynamic form

The design of the web form is kept simple and straightforward. In a first step, the user is asked to enter the operating data of the farm, such as the expanse of different agricultural areas. With this information, we can hide non-relevant questions and pre-enter inferable answers. Furthermore, we can formulate questions with percentages in a more intuitive way by automatically calculating and displaying concrete values. The form also contains additional information and explanations, both directly integrated in the web form.

The data entered is stored locally or on the server. Thus, we can prevent loss of data. If the data is stored on the server, we can even enable people to access and edit the form from different devices. Thanks to integrated validation, faulty input is detected immediately, so that the number of errors can be reduced as much as possible.

A flexible solution

The new biodiversity checklist is based on Drupal and AngularJS. This combination of a configurable CMS and a modular frontend offers a flexible solution. Thanks to this dynamic project setup, we could respond to change requests from the client fast and flexibly.

Interested in seeing the new biodiversity checklist in action? Discover the embedded glossary about biodiversity or test the new web form (both links German, French or Italian only).