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An annual report for VSE that sparks


We created an annual report that interactively explores all facets of a company instead of quickly landing in the bin.

In a nutshell

  • The VSE’s digital annual report presents facts and figures in a clear way.
  • The annual report can be used throughout the entire year as a portrait of the VSE.
  • A flexible content management system allows for quick and easy changes.

Each year, annual reports are produced that, after a quick skim, land directly in the bin. Which is why we tried something different for the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE): The annual report of the VSE offers a visual journey through all facets of the business year. This way, the VSE can present a clear summary of their activities throughout the whole year.

The annual report shines on any device and delivers information in a clear way.
The annual report shines on any device and delivers information in a clear way.

From sketch to visualisation

The concept and design phase started immediately after the kick-off of the project. Our goal: A visualisation that’s appealing and informative for both industry insiders and interested laypeople.

To accomplish this balancing act, we took a two-tier approach. Eye-catching visual elements and prominently placed figures provide a quick overview of the VSE’s activities. Those who want to delve deeper may find details in subsequent info boxes.

From the sketched design to the final product.
From the sketched design to the final product.

Adaptable and flexible

Behind this, we built a flexible and straightforward editing system using the CMS “Wagtail”. This allows the VSE to add and revise their content independently. Thus, our client has full control over the content and can modify it at any time.

The final result is a versatile product. All important information is presented in a clear and direct way. At the same time, the annual report can take interested people on a journey through the complex world of electricity production and distribution. The annual report shines throughout the entire year and can be used again and again.