A robot projects analytics visualisations for the Nothing Interactive crew.

Analytics for Swisscom: Putting an end to the number chaos


We continuously help Swisscom to understand the needs of their employees. The necessary support comes from the flexible and secure analytics software Matomo.

In a nutshell

  • Analytics software is indispensable for modern companies.
  • The open source software Matomo can be operated on your own infrastructure. No compromise of data protection and privacy needed.
  • Thanks to custom extensions, the information collected is comprehensible for everybody.

Do you know which of your articles are read most often? Or what keywords people are looking for on your site? Analytics software provides the necessary answers and makes profitable decisions possible.

We developed a modern, flexible and secure analytics solution for Swisscom. The goal: to understand the needs of employees using the intranet. To do this, we rely on the open source software Matomo. Jonathan Sejnoha, Senior Digital Experience at Swisscom, believes that this choice is ideal:

A good performance measurement tool is of fundamental importance to us at Swisscom’s communications team. Nothing immediately recognised our needs and provided us with a tailor-made solution using Matomo that allows us to cover our entire business case.

Keep your data

Why doesn’t Swisscom trust well-known analytics providers? The answer is simple: Swisscom wants to retain complete control over their data. Since Matomo can be operated on your own servers, you don’t need to make any sacrifices when it comes to data protection and privacy. In addition, Matomo allows you to add custom extensions. This gives us an even better opportunity to meet the identified needs of Swisscom.

The dashboard shows the most clicked news of the past seven days in an easy to understand bar chart.
The dashboard shows the most clicked news of the past seven days in an easy to understand bar chart.

Keep the overview

More than 20,000 employees share their stories, search for information and find entertainment on the Swisscom Intranet. Such high-frequency situations are no obstacle for Matomo. But they do create an ocean of data. Our individually tailored visualisations and data analysis solutions provide necessary meaning. For Swisscom, we developed a customised dashboard that displays graphs about likes, views or shares in their newsroom.

In this way, the most important information can be seen with a single glance on the dashboard. Furthermore, these insights are not reserved for a few analytics experts. Instead, the statistics are comprehensible and transparent for all employees. This enables quick feedback loops: Every team immediately sees if they’re on the right track.

Generate meaning from numbers

At Nothing, we are avid data robots. Our silicon rejoices when we can put meaning to raw data. If you’re interested in learning more about our work on analytics, browse one of our other articles: