Image showing a woman who uses the VisecaOne app.

VisecaOne wins silver and bronze at the Best of Swiss App Awards 2016


Silver and bronze: The VisecaOne app wins double at the Best of Swiss App Awards.

Every year, the jury of Best of Swiss Apps chooses the best apps of Switzerland. This year, the VisecaOne app won not only one but two awards—silver in “Functionality” and bronze in “Business”. This shows: the app not only works well, it is is also highly business relevant. The laudation of the jury:

VisecaOne allows attending to your credit cards on mobile and confirming transactions with the app instead of with a password. The app shows superb usability and a clean layout where only relevant information is visible. If you have your credit card with Viseca, you’ll never want to do without this app again.

The VisecaOne app was created in close collaboration between Viseca, Netcetera and Nothing. We are proud of these distinctions and look forward to repeating our success in future projects!