Crew member Glow shows Spot the way to our new base in Lausanne.

Nothing AG expands to Lausanne


Our rocket has officially docked in the centre of Lausanne. We’re looking forward to working even more closely with our clients in the Romandie.

17 30 23 SL: Starbase Lausanne to Bern Rocket Headquarters. Preparing for docking.
17 31 04 BRH: Roger that Starbase Lausanne, systems are clear.
17 31 49 SL: Roger, we are ready for cabin pressurisation. Oxygen valves are live, docking clamps are engaged.
17 32 13 BRH: Roger, initiate docking procedure.
17 35 24 SL: Bern Rocket Headquarters, docking clamps secured, oxygen levels are stable. Ready to disembark.
17 43 21 BRH: Roger, welcome to Lausanne.

The new Starbase Lausanne is located at Rue Haldimand 15, 1003 Lau­sanne. Come say hello and grab a cup of coffee with Pace (, Glow (, and Mak (