A woman standing to the left and a man standing to the right are looking at a computer screen. The Laptop has the orange Nothing logo sticker on it, the wall behind them shows the extended logo.

Frontend Developer

At Nothing, we embrace an open-minded, collaborative culture fuelled by transparency, responsibility and autonomy. We are a peer-to-peer organisation. That means change in our organisational structure happens iteratively and organically. Instead of having fixed job titles, everybody takes on autonomous roles. Taking ownership of your own roles here, you’ll decide what’s best.

The position

Our team is looking for support starting as soon as possible. However, there is no fixed starting date. We are open to have full remote workers (no freelancers). In case of equal qualification, preferences will be given to female applicants as well as any underrepresented groups (i.e. transgender, non-white, people with disabilities,…) to keep our workplace as diverse and balanced as possible.

You are…

  • an experienced developer. You don’t have to be a master, but a few years working in the industry are a must.
  • fluent in HTML, CSS and JS.
  • experienced in front-end. We are also interested in full stack profiles.
  • able to speak English effectively in a working environment. German is not a must, but it’s definitely a plus.
  • willing to work at a high %, with a minimum of 80%.

A bit about our development team and its culture

  • Development with VanillaJS or Vue.
  • Development in small teams, with a strong review & feedback culture.
  • Async culture via Gitlab and Mattermost.
  • We value the web as an open platform, which should be accessible to everyone.
  • We work on both products and client projects.

Above all, we are looking for people combining both excellent interpersonal and computing skills, interest in innovating, solving problems and designing & developing solutions in a collaborative manner.