Accessibility is about more than giving all users access to your product. It’s about offering better usability for everyone (even machines). For you on the other hand, this means reaching a greater audience and improving your search engine rankings.

Why invest in accessibility

Expand your audience
Accessible design opens your product to user groups that would otherwise be excluded. In other words: to a large number of new users.

Increased innovation
Accessibility has benefits that everyone will appreciate – and it often leads to innovative solutions that would not have emerged otherwise.

Accessibility = better quality
Websites and apps that are created with accessibility in mind have higher code quality. This improves not just the maintainability of a project but also its search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings.

Accessibility as a legal requirement
All our work is based on the on the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, which is the point of reference for many international standards and laws.


Our Offer

Accessibility is an integral part of the products we create. We can also help you refine your accessibility skills, or simply offer support in your project. While we’re at it, we create written documentation accompanied by straightforward video recordings of your product. These enable you to train your accessibility skills, while improving your own product.

  • Design reviews: We check your design before you start coding. This allows you to anticipate and prevent a lot of potential accessibility issues.

  • Semantic HTML prototyping: Many basic accessibility issues are rooted in the HTML. So we’ll create a high-quality HTML prototype for you that serves as a foundation for you to build on.

  • Visual and functional HTML prototyping: We create both a semantical HTML prototype and a fully-fledged CSS/JavaScript prototype, as complex visual elements are often the source of severe accessibility issues.

  • Optimise an existing project: A review serves as the basis for any optimisation. We’ll record any issues in a written report, order them according to priority and outline a plan of action for our work to follow.

  • Presentations and workshops: We aim to enable you to do your own accessibility work by offering training formats tailored to your specific needs.

If you are unsure which of the above works best for your project or you have open questions, simply book a free coffee with Josua our accessibility expert.

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