We understand human beings, make sense of complexity and turn insights into action. Our mission is to make digital products just right and help our customers on planet Earth focus, prioritise and ultimately gain time.
Users need to find your information as quickly and as easy as possible to proceed with their tasks. We help you structure your content in existing or future application. Nothing Interactive develops information architectures and creates workflow and website diagrams.
Well-designed, consistent user interactions ease the user's task and optimise the usability of digital products - and deliver true, strategic value! We develop guidelines for interaction design, create user flows and deliver detailed specifications for your products.
We evaluate the usability of your present or future digital product. Nothing Interactive can offer expert reviews and optimisation proposals at any time of your development cycle: How to make flows simpler, more usable and more efficient. Additionally we can add accessibility requirements for your product to make the access to your produce as free from any barriers as possible.
Visually attractive user interface have to be simple and usable and generate a true, emotional connection. We develop guidelines for visual user interfaces and produce page layouts, icons, tailor-mode control elements and further visual elements.
We help you to develop products that work for everyone. Based on W3C standards we progressively extend frontends that work and are optimised for the largest possible amount of target devices.

Latest projects

A hot cup of coffee while changing train? A quick snack without waiting in the queue? The new Spettacolo app makes it possible. Together with Netcetera as a backend partner, Nothing Interactive developed an attractive frontend for the handy application of the Valora AG. It facilitates things for customers and for the sales staff, allowing you to enjoy your coffee exactly when you want it. Read on to find out more!
There's nothing like direct collaboration—as I experienced firsthand when working on site in Biel with Quickline. Together, we created a state-of-the-art frontend for their new order pages. Not only did we work very efficiently, we also had a good time working together, with many interesting exchanges that both sides could learn from. Interested in knowing more?


In what environment can innovation flourish? What even is innovation? The World Usability Day 2015 in Rapperswil tackled the topic from different angles. Be it a new helicopter design, a novel approach to customer care or the right ecosystem for innovative endeavours – innovation can take many forms. Discover the highlights of the event!
Casual and charismatic, SwissJS truly is the main event for Swiss JavaScript enthusiasts to meet and socialise. Previously known as SwissJeese, the conference's name is all that changed. Once again, diverse topics were covered, the occasional joke thrown in, and there sure was no shortage of croissants. Want to know the highlights of the event? Read on!

Featured client: SWISS TXT AG

SWISS TXT is a subsidiary of the SRG SSR. As the centre of competence for multimedia, SWISS TXT has been accompanying Switzerland since 1983 into an increasingly more complex digital future—from consulting to implementation.

Our Mission

Nothing Interactive stands for innovative and tailor-made experiences on the web, on mobile and desktop. Experienced professionals in concept, design and development help you find a captivating user experience for your digital product.

Based on open source technologies and W3C standards we invent user experiences (UX) that stand out through convincing information architecture, are highly usable through interaction design, accessible through well thought of usability and accessibility and build up a true emotional connection through visual design.

We help you find a solid UX strategy and create competitive advantages matching your business goals for your products and services. We strive for a holistic approach in all aspects of the experience of digital products and identify the needs of the targeted customer.